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Swamp Ape Review is a national literary journal founded and produced by the MFA in creative writing students at Florida Atlantic University.

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Why “Swamp Ape”?

The Swamp Ape is a legend that reflects Florida—its mythology, its weirdness—as well as the human desire to create a narrative around that which we can’t explain. Submissions to the Swamp should defy form to the extent that the piece’s creator might be unsure of where it belongs. Across all genres, we encourage pieces with a hybrid or non-traditional nature—works that subvert our expectations of both content and form and unsettle our assumptions of what is possible.

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Faculty Advisor:

Becka Mara McKay

Managing Editor:

Natalie Rowland

Associate Editor:

Madison Garber

Editorial Team:

Nicholas Becher / Dustin J. DiPaulo /  Kathleen Martin / Caitlyn Davidheiser

 Christopher Notarnicola / Corrine Binnings / Trina Sutton / Jason Wilson / Mary Mattingly

Adam Sword / Kathleen Martin / Meryl D'Sa / Janine Shand


Anthony Padavano / Isaac Zepeda

Readers & Staff:

 Daniel Graves / Emily Donovan / Emily White / Ben Kerns


Luke Spooner - Carrion House


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