Lily Morris


Lily Morris attended Studio Art Centers International in Florence, Italy in 2007 and graduated from Massachusetts College of Art and Design in 2009. Through a consistent study of classic portraiture, she has investigated themes such as, identity through social media, collective agreements and “trending,” as well as the contemporary state of the American dream.

“I’m interested in the fragility and delusion of online identities. Online, it’s easy for fantasy and reality, commercial ads and real life, products and people to be virtually undistinguishable."

Lily’s shows include “emergence” at A Gallery on Martha’s Vineyard,
The Event at Unit One in the 798 District of Beijing. Most recently participating in group shows such as “Sound Source” at Moma’s PS1 “The Young Collectors Exhibition” at Leila Heller Gallery, “Culture Fix” at Superchief Gallery and "IT'S ALL GOOD!! Apocalypse now" at Brooklyn’s Sideshow Gallery. She currently lives and works in Hudson, New York.