Vol. I - 2017


The Nirgrantha
Phillip Barcio

The Suicide Party
Adam Berlin

Snowed In
Randall Brown

Hair on Fire
Epiphany Ferrell

Rough Edges
Nancy Gold

The Rib
Matt McDonald

Sarah Navin

How Doris Lessing Came to Have Blood on Her Shoes
Russell Helms

The Vinegar Scent of Books
Jhon Sanchez


Kate McCorkle


Things I Noticed
Wade Bentley

Some Pig
Sebastian Booth

Aborted Bird Breakout on Flight 28 to Minneapolis
Dan Branch

A Different Planet for Bartenders
Alan Catlin

The Crossing
 Jenny L. Ferguson

Vox Populi
Martin Heavisides

Berlin Tegel Terminal D (14 comments)
Eldon Reishus

What happens out back?
Dave Sims

Mountain Valley
Jennifer Wortman


Cover art

Episode and Repetition
Leonard Kogan

Mixed media on paper