James Remick II

florida-outline copy.png

Hey there tiger.
hey there
are stars in my pockets.
Man, don’t give me that jive.
Tit tit tit.
You know I’m good for it
be cool
be cool
Wanna hear a story
bout how I swam the moon
where you going
don’t you know the jungles
be full of tigers
here there are liars
with teeth made of paper cups
deeper than the eye can see
Oh oh me
nah i’m just a poor ole monkey

James Evans Remick II is a Cleveland poet and playwright. James is an avid drinker of coffee and whiskey but rarely at the same time. His greatest achievement to date is tricking his wife into naming their cat Csonka after the legendary Miami Dolphin. His book Eating Yogurt with a Fork is out now. He is currently working on a wrestling themed opera and book of poetry. You can find him on twitter @clevelandpoet.