January 2017

Letter from the Editor


Kelli Allen 
We Come in Anyway

Karrie Arthurs
Family Revenants

Phillip Barcio
The Nirgrantha

EM Beck
Looking Up,
& Fog

Wade Bentley
Things I Noticed

Adam Berlin
The Suicide Party

Joe Betz
Listening to Sam Cooke on the Day After My Wedding Day

Ace Boggess
Spraying for Spiders

 Sebastian Booth
Some Pig

Michelle Bonczek
The world is a book,
& Obsession

 Dan Branch
Aborted Bird Breakout on Flight 28 to Minneapolis

Randall Brown
Snowed In

 Alan Catlin
A Different Planet for Bartenders

John Chavers
Birches on the Bias,
& Down to the Lake

Brittany Duffy
Melanistic Differences

Okla Elliott
Where We Are

 Jenny L. Ferguson
The Crossing

Epiphany Ferrell
Hair on Fire

Nancy Gold
Rough Edges

Ken Haas
The Actor

 Martin Heavisides
Vox Populi

Russell Helms
How Doris Lessing Came to Have Blood on Her Shoes

 Yi-Hui Huang

A.J. Huffman
Will the Real Jaws Please Stand Up

Leonard Kogan
Compulsive Positivity,
Episode and Repetition
& Intimately Alien

Jeffrey Maclachlan
Country Single

Kate McCorkle

J. Shamma McShain
Blue Mare

Matt McDonald
The Rib

Lily Morris
Fifth Ave,
& Yachting

Sarah Navin

Charles O'Hay

Eldon Reishus
Berlin Tegel Terminal D (14 comments)

Jhon Sanchez
The Vinegar Scent of Books

Dave Sims
What happens out back?

Ira Sukrunguang
Homage to Chicken Little & Memory

Tim Suerdmondt
When the World Really Ends
No One Will Announce it

Bill Wolak
At the Threshold of Trance,
The Disappearing Gift,
The Dizziness of Honey,
Whatever Light Remembers,

The Imperceptible Balance of Restless Tides

Jennifer Wortman
Mountain Valley